The Lay of the Land (MHF2)


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[edit] About the Snowy Mountains

[Minegarde Geographer -1-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world.

The first part in my series will cover the Snowy Mountains zone. Wrapped in white snow year round, it is a harsh environment for both monster and hunter.

Why? Because it's cold! That's why! From the Guild established base camp at the bottom, to the summit, and in every cave between, no matter where you are it is cold. To ward off the cold, a Hot Drink is your best friend. It warms the body, but expect its effects to be halved as you approach the summit.

In Pokke Village, a small settlement near the mountains, they have created a set of armor extremely effective at warding of the cold. Wearing this armor in the mountains will make you impervious to the chilly winds. The normal version is not very strong; however, higher end versions bring them admirable defensive strength.

The things that inhabit this harsh climate have adapted to become quite sturdy to withstand cold. Mountain Herbs, a mountain product of particular note, thrive in the cold and can be found growing in numerous places. The unique environment enriches their medical powers, allowing Mountain Herbs to command high prices on the open market.

Animals in the range have also adapted, Popos and Antekas that inhabit the mountains have evolved thick furry pels to ward off the cold. Blangos and Giaprey, beast that prey on these animals, are in no way inferior to their predatory cousins from warmer climates.

Even insects that are normally susceptible to the cold have developed distinctive adaptations to collect Honey found within the mountain caves. Vespoids, while rare, can be spotted in the area.

While traversing the Snowy Mountains, one must be aware of the Blangonga, a fanged Primatius beast. Leader of the large pack of Blangos, thee fierce fighters could even cause a wyvern to flee. Recent reports also cite sightings of a Tigrex in the area, so extreme caution must be exercised.

If you are graced with the opportunity to visit this zone, I implore you to visit the mountain summit. Seeing the world spread out before you is an absolute breathtaking experience. While the cliffs near the summit are exceptionally steep, the chance to see an elder dragon's shredded skin or other delights is priceless.

Other Notes -Khezu Whelps- Wyvern larvae found near the summit in nests created from cast off elder dragon skin. Incredibly valuable! Other Notes -Carpenterbug- Insect found lakeside at the mountain's base. Other Notes -Ice Crystal- Useful material acquired at mining points.

[edit] About the Jungle

[Minegarde Geographer -2-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The second part in my series will cover the Jungle Zone.

Surrounding the lake to the north, south, and west, the warmth of the Jungle makes it home to a wide array of herbivores and carnivores who use the prey-rich environment to feed and breed. The Special Mushrooms found in this area are quite popular, making them frequent targets of Guild-sponsored Quests.

Located at the center of the Jungle, is a wide, expansive cave. With its abundance of fresh air, it is the home to many monster nests. If you are looking to acquire an Egg or two, this is the place to search. However, there are many cliffs and terraes in your path, meaning that you must carefully plan your escape route.

To the north, a small island is reachable by foot during the day depending on the tides; however at night, it is unapproachable. There are certain materials that can only be obtained on this island, such as the Carpenterbug used in crafting armor of the Beautiful Shell, a valuable account item.

Monsters you should be aware of include the Hermitaur, Daimyo Hermitaur, and other Carapaceons. When traversing the shoreline, exercise extreme caution with the area's native residents, as well as the monsters appearing from underground or passing overhead. Also be on the lookout for Primatius threats from Congas, Bullfangos, etc.

Another threat in the area comes from gigantic insects such as the Vespoid or Hornetaur. Spotted more often now than in the past, these insects can cause enormous damage due to their large numbers. This has elevated them to a position of prominence vis-a-vis extermination Quests.

Other Notes -Black Pearl- A natural pearl grown inside the body of a Carapaceon. An excellent material, it can sometimes be found on te shoreline. Other Notes -Speartuna- Giant tuna often found near the lakeside camp. Other Notes -Royal Rhino- Shining beetle. Often breeds near the shore.

[edit] About the Desert

[Minegarde Geographer -3-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The third part in my series will cover the Desert Zone.

The Desert Zone actually encompasses the rocky zone surrounding a steep mountain as well as the wide arid expanse of sandy desert. One must take precautions against extremes in temperature that occur day and night in the Desert zone. The scorching sand baked by the daytime sun can quickly chill after the sun sets.

Setting foot into this zone requires preparations depending on the time of day. If you enter the Desert zone during the daytime, a Cool Drink is in order, while the nighttime requires a Hot Drink to warm up. It is also worth mentioning that the lake located underneath the rocky mountains in the desert is always cold, regardless of the time.

The Desert zone is home to a wide variety of items. You can gather Cactus Flower, known for its use in making Antidote, as well as Power Seed, which awakens a strange power within, and Fire Herb, used in explosives. Another interesting item is the Tropical Berry. While of very little use when eaten fresh, when frozen, it both cools and nourishes the body.

You should also be aware of the Piscine Wyvern known as a Cephalos. It utilizes the fine sand as a means to travel, as well as hide. When traveling through the sand, only its fin can be seen, so the utmost of caution is required.

A wyvern called Diablos has also been spotted in the Desert zone. A wyvern sporting giant horns, it is incredibly powerful. Rumor has it that you can also fish for Plesioth n the massive underground lake, although I have yet to confirm this as fact.

Other Notes -Goldenfish- Valuble. Often found living in a desert oasis or in the depths of the lake. Other Notes -Killer Beetle- Found in watery areas and extremely valuable. Other Notes -Piscine Liver- Delicacy taken from hard to slay Piscine wyverns, but their value is worth the effort.

[edit] About the Swamp

[Minegarde Geographer -4-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The fourth part in my series will cover the Swamp Zone.

The Swamp zone is a narrow strip of damp and humid marshlands enveloped in mist, characterized by the presence of caves. These caves, are very cold, so without adequate protection from these extreme temperatures Stamina will be quickly depleted. However, the caves are also a great source of ore, so they are often visited by hunters.

One of the best ways to protect against the cold is by consuming a Hot Drink. By warming the interior of the body, it is able to curb sudden decreases in Stamina. You can also counter-act the cold by wearing armor with high heat reduction.

Due to the high humidity in the region, there are a large variety of mushrooms that can be gathered. For instance, Toadstools and Nitroshrooms are said to be quite abundant in the region. Due to their ability to be combined with many things, these mushrooms are considered a necessity for every hunter.

When night arrives in the Swamp zone, poisonous gases rise from the ground, meaning all who set foot in the zone are subject to poisoning. It has also been confirmed that vast numbers of poisonous monsters such as Iopreys and Gypceros have been sighted. Those entering the Swamp zone should prepare counter-measures against poison.

From small wyverns such as the Yian Kut-Ku or Gypceros to their larger, more powerful cousins Gravios and Khezu, many monsters call the Swamp zone home. You must also be prepared to face off against Carapaceons such as the Shogun Ceanataur and Primatius such as the Congalala.

Other Notes -Sootstone Ore- Obtained from crystal deposits within caves. Fetches incredibly high prices. Other Notes -Light Crystal- Extensively used crystal found within caves. Other Notes -Akito Jewel- Found near southern caves. Uses as a Decoration.

[edit] About the Forest and Hills

[Minegarde Geographer -5-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The fifth part in my series will cover the Forest and Hills Zone.

The temperate climate of the Forest and Hills zone makes it a popular home for large numbers of herbivores such as the Aptonoth and Mosswine. However, the monsters who prey on herbivores, such as the Velociprey, are also present, giving this zone a tinge of danger. These monsters tend to move in packs, so be careful not to get surrounded.

This area also has an abundance of plant vegetation. For instance, Herbs and Blue Mushrooms. Not to mention items important to gunners like Paintberry, and Needleberry. All of these can be obtained easily in this area.

You can also search for Honey in the Forest and Hills. Honey is an incredibly beneficial item for hunters. It can be obtained from honeycombs found in the field.

Where there are changes in elevation, a hunter can press the (circle) button near low cliffs or vine covered walls to climb up.

The main point of concern with the Forest and Hills zone is without question the presence of a wyvern called Rathalos. Known as the King of the Skies, it is fiercely territorial and rewards any encroachment in kind. One must be especially careful when it is entering or exiting its cave dwelling.

We have also confirmed that recent years have brought the appearance of a masked tribe called Shakalakas. Compared to other native tribes, they are particularly ferocious. Often mistaken for mushrooms in the field, the Shakalakas are incredibly dangerous to hunters.

Other Notes -Wyvern Eggs- One can find Wyvern Eggs in nests secluded in mountain caves. Valuable, bu incredibly dangerous to obtain. Other Notes -? ? ?- A Melynx den is host to various items - Large and Small Barrels, and an occasional umbrella!

[edit] About the Volcanic Belt

[Minegarde Geographer -6-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The sixth part in my series will cover the zone known as the Volcanic Belt. The Volcanic Belt is a land where the harsh nature of the volcanic rock has killed off most of the vegetation. The heat of this zone from the volcano's mouth to the caves in the northwest, will slowly zap the health of unwary travelers. Said to be twice as devastating as desert heat, Cool Drink is only half as effective as expected.

It is thus a matter of great importance to be cautious in your movements. If you happen to step in lava, no Cool Drink is going to stop you from roasting like a holiday ham. Even with a special Skill like Terrain Damage Reduce, you will never completely block out the damaging heat.

However, this is not to say there is a lack of life in the Volcanic Belt. Quite the contary. Fire Herbs grow in abundance among the volcanic rocks. And like the Desert zone, you can also find Tropical Berries, which, when combines with Ice Crystal, may prove useful when your Cool Drinks are exhausted.

The main characteristic of the zone is the overwheming abundance of ore. From rocky areas, to caves, to the mouth of the volcano itself. It is possible to gather various types of ores. There is never a shortage of hunters trudging up the mountains with pickaxes in tow.

You should beware the powerful wyvern Gravios, as well as the rock like Basarios. Both of these wyverns have exceptionally hard shells that can make it difficult to damage them with normal weapons.

You may also encounter the adolescent version of the Carapaceon called a Ceanataur. Adolescent Ceanataurs have the special ability to spit a toxic venom. Falling victim to this venom, especially in the Volcanic Belt, is a recipe for disaster. The Ceanataur is a very aggressive beast, meaning even a skilled hunter should not take it lightly.

Other Notes -Dragonite Ore- Very high quality ore. Often found in caves. Other Notes -Hercudrome- Lives in the rocky base of the volcano. Incredibly valuable. Other Notes -Firestone- Only obtained near the volcano's mouth. Astonishingly valuable ore.

[edit] About the Tower

[Minegarde Geographer -7-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. The seventh part in my series will cover the Tower recently discovered in the Jungle Zone.

An enormous building found within the vast expanse of the Jungle. A relic of a different age that pierces the sky. Who? When? Why? All of these questions remain unanswered.

While the existence of the Tower was mentioned in ancient texts, it took a special hunter gathering the pieces of a long forgotten map and the cooperation of the Elder Dragon Observation Center to finally make the long rumored tower's location known to all.

Even today, research into the Tower continues; however, the Tower remains home to powerful elder dragons, meaning that this research proceeds only with the greatest of care. It may take many months or even years to uncover all of the Tower's mysteries.

Along with elder dragons, other dangerous monsters call the Tower home. Remobras are the most often encountered of this group. As large as a Velociprey, they can fly through the air spraying poison and rendering those with melee weapons completely ineffective.

This special enviroment has also spawned incredibly large and dangerous Thunderbugs called, surprisingly enough, Great Thunderbugs. I myself have rarely been attacked by these menaces, but their danger to hunters cannot be overstated, as one touch is capable of inducing paralysis.

At present time, our research indicates there are no items that can only be found in this area. If your goal is gathering materials, the presence of the powerful monsters will severely diminish the profitability of any gathering mission in this area.

[edit] About the Town

[Minegarde Geographer -Special Edition-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. What you hold in your hands is the record of my life's research into the wonderful lands of this world. This special edition of my series covers the town of Dondruma.

In the Schrade region, if one were to travel east from our land of Minegarde through the Himeroon Mountains, one would arrive at the town of Dondruma.

It may be related to its location, but the town is subject to numberous attacks from elder dragons and giant Carapaceons. These attacks have caused widespread destruction in the town, but also lead to a spirit of resilience and reconstruction.

Meaning that the people haven't simply accepted their fate to be just victims to monster attacks. Quite the contrary, they've established the Elder Dragon Observation Center to provide updates on the locations of the beasts, and installed large scale weapons such as the Ballista and the Dragonator to provide the town a means of defense.

When a monster attacks the town, a special branch of the Hunter's Guild known as the Guardians join forces with volunteer hunters from across the land to repel the attack. That is why the Guild carries such weight in the political administration of Dondruma.

There are occasions when nearby outposts of the Hunter's Guild may issue a mobilization order for hunters to come and defend the town. All hunters in the local areas must heed this call to defense and fight the good fight.

[edit] About the Fortress

[Minegarde Geographer -Special Edition-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. This is the record of my life's research. The Special Notes section of my work is information about the Fortress managed by the Guild.

The Fortress was created as the last line of defense against giant wyverns. The Fortress was established on high ground, giving it a better vantage point to keep a look out for these giant menaces. It also allows gunners to carry out sniping attacks on opponents below.

The Fortress also allows the firing of special, powerful shots from large siege weapons such as the Ballista and the Great Cannon. These weapons can be used when ammunition is transported to the Fortress.

Ballista S, normally marked with an X, can be used when standing in front of the Ballista. To use the Ballista, press the (box) button, then adjust the aiming by pressing left or right on the analog stick. Finally press the (circle) button to fire. If you press the (Right bumper) button while using the weapon, you can switch between scoped and standard views.

Cannon S is often held in reserve at camp, so it must be transported to the Fortress. While carrying Cannon S, pressing the (circle) button will set and fire the Great Cannon. Although it is a strong weapon, it does not have precision aiming, so hold off on using it until the time is right.

The ultimate weapon of last resort is the Dragonator. It can be activated by pressing the (circle) button at the control system located above the castle gate. It has limited range and requires a long duration of time as the weapon readies between uses. However, it makes up for these shortcomings with enormous power.

These weapons are hard to use, and their mastery takes significant time and energy; yet, they provide significant assistance in battle. Ultimately, if you envision yourself using these weapons, you must also envision yourself locked in a fierce battle with enormous monsters.

[edit] About the Castle Schrade

[Minegarde Geographer -Final Edition-]

I am the top geographer in Minegarde. This is the record of my life's research. The Final Edition of my work is information about the Castle Schrade.

Castle Schrade is an ancient castle located in the vast open plain in the center of Schrade. Once a splendid feudal manor, it is now a mere shadow of its former glory, surrounded only by the ruins of the villages and towns that used to encircle it. So complete is the devastation, that no one remains to mourn its passing

Due to heavy investment into the area, the Guild has equipped Castle Schrade with weapons to deal with the monster threat. All the great siege weapons, Ballista, Great Cannon, and the ultimate weapon, the Dragonator, appear to be available for use at Castle Schrade.

However, those planning to face monsters must be aware of their awesome power, and the fact that the power of the installed siege weapons may not have their usual effect. If you make a stand at the castle, it will be with the inherent strength of each and every hunter.

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