Tigrex Guide

This page is a guide to help hunters slay the fearsome Tigrex, and not to ensure a sure-win. If you're playing the 2nd generation versions of Monster Hunter, then use the Eager Cleaver, which has a thunder attribute and a considerable amount of raw damage too. Tigrex is essentially weak to thunder so acquiring a thunder-elemental weapon would hasten the quest. To end the quest quickly, bring these: 10 Potions, 2 Max Potions, 1 Shock Trap, 2 Trap Tools, 2 Genprey Fangs, Books of Combos, 5 Flash Bombs, 1 Farcaster. Potion-making is easy: combine a Blue Mushroom with a Herb. As for Max Potion, combine Blue Mushroom with Godbug and the resulting mixture would be Nutrients. Combine Nutrients with Honey to get Mega Nutrients. Combine it further with Dragon Toadstool to finally acquire a very useful Max Potion. Although, the limit of Max Potions that you can bring is 2. Bringing a Farcaster would also help because when you're on a tough spot or when you're in a pinch, just use a Farcaster to bring you back to base camp and completely heal. It's helped me numerous times. As for the Tigrex, when you encounter it, immediately use a Shock Trap then hit him hard on the face. It's his weakest point. As much as possible, use the Spirit Combo to heighten the damage of your attacks. Then after the first Shock Trap is consumed, he will most likely go into rage mode. When in rage mode, don't try to attack him, because if you get hit by any of his attacks, it will deal a great damage to you, and when you get up, you won't have time to evade the following attack, thus, you'll be easily dead. Try to avoid his charges especially on rage mode. His teeth can get stuck on walls, giving you time to land some hits on the tail to cut it. When you feel that you don't have time to heal and he's in rage mode and you're in a completely near-death situation, use the Farcaster you brought. Then combine the Genprey Fangs with the Trap Tools to get new Shock Traps to aid you on your quest. I rely mostly on Shock Traps to land some hits on his face even though it easily enrages him. Most of the time, I just watch him charge at me and land 2 or 3 hits on his legs. And I really am fond of cutting his tail. When you throw a Flash Bomb, it won't be easy dealing damage to him, 'cause he can still move especially when he does the 360-degree-spin. Don't rely on Flash Bombs, it is only for stopping the Tigrex from charging at you when you try to get rid of the little minions (Blangos). He sleeps on Area 3 on the Snowy Mountains. Just be patient and land some hits from time to time and he'll be dead. I tried soloing the Urgent Quest on the Gathering Hall, and it took me 40 minutes to kill it. My first Tigrex kill was on the Village Elder 5* Urgent Quest, it took me 20 minutes only. Have a happy hunting.

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