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The following Tigrex guide was created by HaZe Death, it is just a bow guide so please feel free to create a melee guide section too. All credit for this goes to HaZe Death, and he gives individual credit to those that helped him make it. The original can be found here


[edit] Tigrex Guide

[edit] Tigrex's Attacks

  • Tigrex Charge When he does this sheath your weapon and run far enough to his sides that your out of the way, but can still get close enough fast enough to deal out some hits. He will stop and stand still / turn around like any other wyvern and has a time window where you can get a few hit (depending on your weapon, I can get 4-5 with Devil Slicer on occasion). If you can do this enough you may find that he will flinch and opens another window for 2-3 more hits.
  • Tigrex Charge and Dash. What makes this different from your run-of-the-mill Tigrex Charge is that he will turn around at the end and charge again (sometimes twice if he's enraged.) Just follow the advice given for Tigrex Charge and you'll be fine.
  • Tigrex Leap. This is a attack that has little to NO time window for attack. Wait for it to pass (somewhat easy to dodge, but chances are if he's doing this he's going to hit you or he'd be charging instead.)
  • Tigrex Tail Spin. This is a pain to dodge at close range which he usually does if your beating on him but if you find that your close and for some reason unbeknown to me he does it (under-evolved brain, perhaps?) wait for him to spin then run in for a quick 2-3 hits. Keep watching for him to turn around as this is usually followed up by Tigrex Bite.
  • Tigrex Roar. He usually only does this if hes enraging but I know he does it if your beating on his arms to shake you off. If your in close range, your more then likely screwed since this is a Roar attack. Anyway, when he roars it sends you flying. Now Good and Bad news. Good news is that this does little to no damage. Bad news is that this is usualy his "AMAGOSH! HEZ STUNN3D! L333ROY JANKINZ!!*Tigrex Charge* " move so this little sun turns into a 1/2 3/4 your health down the tubes move. Sheath if you can and be ready to dive at a moments notice. On a side note, if your far enough away and ave your weapon sheathed you can dash in for a few quick hits.
  • Tigrex Bite. A straight forward move. He rears back his head for a slit second (like the roar) then charges forward 2 steps and bites. Can easily be dodge rolled and even has a attack window. Good time for a counter attack.

[edit] TACTICS

OK for all the people that are just getting to tigrex...and are very worried...don't be...there's two ways you can go about killing him....you can....

  1. Sonic Bow in Snowy Mountains Get the sonic bow and stand on the ledges in area 6 and 3...when he is in 8...all it takes is for u to run around in circles shooting him...or if u want u can stand in front of that big wall...and when he charges he will get stuck....if u are using sonic bow 1..u shouldn't get his teeth stuck...it wastes time...if your using sonic bow 2....which will definitely do loads of damage too him...u can do either one u feel more comfortable with.
  1. Sonic bow in desert- OK for this one its a little more challenging if u like standing on ledges. for this quest...called "Tigrex's Roar" or something like that...u fight him in the desert(DUH!!). by this time if u liked fighting him in the snowy mountains with the bow and plan on killing him in the desert with a bow....then u better get sonic bow 2....its extremely easy to get don't worry...

The only areas he goes too are the two open desert areas...and area 9....for when he is about dead... first time i did this quest i used the sonic bow 2 and took 50 power coatings, 20 empty bottles, and 20 nitroshrooms...the bottles and nitroshrooms make more power coating...that will give u a total of 70...and if u miss with some...don't worry not many people are perfect shot every single time..

[edit] Low-Skill Lance Guide

(This guide refers to the elder quest 'Absolute Power', taking place in the Snowy Mountains.)

Tigrex seemed impossible to me until I started using Lances. It's not the fastest way to kill a Tigrex, but I reckon it's the safest.

What you need:

- Guard+1 Armor Skill (easily acquired with full Hermitaur Set and a few Guard+1 Decorations)
- Rampart ( Iron Lance with decent sharpness which can be acquired through farming alone, so again, very easy to come by )
- 10 Mega Potions ( better safe than sorry )
- 3-4 Tranq Bombs ( since we're planning on capturing )

First you get everything you need from the blue box as usual. Then you run up to area 8, tag the wyvern via Paintball and run either to the stone wall or the end of area 8 -opposite- of this stone wall and start defending with your back against either wall or cliff. Try to never let up your guard. Since Tigrex will keep attacking, your Stamina will go down. To remedy this, you can move around a bit, all the while defending.
Most guides tell you to start mashing Triangle or Circle once Tigrex comes to a halt or doesn't face you directly, but I prefer to keep defending and patiently get a few stabs at its head, claws or feet while keeping defense up. Usually you can stab it once or twice between its attacks, the timing of this is very easy and it will certainly lead to victory.
If Tigrex goes into Rage Mode, you can either wait it out or adapt the frequency of your attacks, so as not to get pummeled quickly.
If you decide to fight Tigrex this way, it will change location once or twice, depending on the number of stabs you got in. This is not a problem, since you can guard all its attacks and keep attacking.
In other areas you won't have a nice wall behind you, but you can apply this strategy pretty much anywhere you want. It's just more likely to get hits if Tigrex doesn't charge past you all the time.
Should you run low on health, stop attacking, wait for Tigrex to charge in a different direction, then unequip your weapon for better mobility, let it charge past you again and drink a potion. Then position yourself and start defending/stabbing again.
Once it starts limping you can let up, wait for it to flee and fly to area 3 to rest. Once you get there, it's usually already asleep, so you can plant your shock trap in peace (more or less, giapreys can be annoying). Then you stab it once to get it up, line up behind the trap (back up a bit further, so its head can't reach you), wait for Tigrex to charge right into it and throw two Tranq Bombs at the stunned wyvern. Congrats, you captured your very own little Tigrex!

[edit] Other Information

Use the same concept as in the snowy mountains except u have to circle and shoot most the time. for when he is limping he will go to his "rest spot" as i like to call it..and Z0mg...there's a ledge there...and he gets his teeth stuck...u know what to do in area 9. after u kill him collect your carves and wyvern tears(he usually cries when he keeps slamming into the wall ) and then shoot him to pieces...that's what we all do he he


Thanks to Clayman71 for Tigrex's move list.

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