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[edit] Melee Weapons Usage 1

Don't you know who I am? I'm Red Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! Even crying babies stop their sniveling when they catch sight of a strong hunter like like me! I'm going to be giving a melee weapons lecture for the subscribers of "Hunting Life"!

Melee weapons! A man's true love! There are those who love their Bowguns, but only a real man knows the joy of specializing in a melee weapon, and leaping with joy in the blood and carnage his skilled attacks create.

There is absolutely critical point to using melee weapons, and that is Sharpness. No matter how famous the Sword, or how small the enemy, the more you slash an enemy, the more a weapon's Sharpness decreases.

As Sharpness decreases, so does the power of the weapon. It is even possible that the weapon may snap during usage. Conversely, when the Sharpness of a weapon is high, its attack strength is also heightened. So make sure to keep your weapon sharp!

When a melee weapon becomes dull, it is time to use a Whetstone! Not a Wet stone, a Whetstone! By rubbing the Whetstone against the blade, you can revive its Sharpness with ease! HAHAHAHA!

However, that is only a temporary solution to the problem. You'll want a weapon that will keep its Sharpness for a longer period of time... Everyone agrees with me, right? By improving a weapon, you not only increase its power, but you can also increase its durability.

There are six degrees of Sharpness for melee weapons. This value fluctuates depending on how a weapon is improved, but the general rule of thumb is that a weapon can be improved to about the fifth level. It seems that the sixth level of Sharpness can only be reached by improving special weapons.

The limit on Sharpness upgrades via improvement is the sixth level, and this cannot be exceeded. However, if you get to a veteran level like myself, there are ways to improve Sharpness outside of upgrading a weapon. Well, that is enough for now. Look forward to my next lecture! Hahahaha!

[edit] Melee Weapons Usage 2

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[edit] Weapon Creation and Improvement part 1

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[edit] Weapon Creation and Improvement part 2

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[edit] Affinity

[Weapons Usage -Affinity-]

Hello! I'm sure you've heard about Affinity before! You haven't!? Well then, allow me to take a little time and teach you the joys of a little something called Affinity. It's a topic that applies to both melee and ranged weapons,you know!

With any weapon, there are times when you will cause more damage,or conversely,times when your weapon will not be as powerful as you thought. These times are governed by Affinity. Look at your weapon's equipment details. On the second page, there is an entry for Affinity.

If you Affinity number is positive, there is a higher chance you'll cause heavy damage, meaning your weapon has the possibility of knocking an enemy out in a single blow. For melee weapons, it seems that high Sharpness raises Affinity. This also means you cannot allow Sharpness to fall! There's no chance of high Affinity with your sharpness in the red!

Now if your Affinity number is negative, there is a good chance you'll do less damage than your weapon is capable of. It won't drop to half, but 3/4 damage is a real possibility. Even if your weapon's Attack is high, you must always be aware of your chance of failure at the worst moment.

Some monster's materials have the ability to raise Affinity, while others can lower Affinity. Skills can also raise this number. A perfect example of this is the Expert Skill. Don't forget this golden nugget of information.

It all comes down to using the weapon you have in your hand, otherwise you will never know its true capabilities. Even if your Attack strength is low, a high Affinity may allow you to cause unimaginable damage. Now head out to the field and try as many weapons and materials as you can.

[edit] Sword and Shield

[Practical Hunting -Swords-]

There are hunters who are happy they have made it into the hunting ranks, but are unsure of what weapon to use. In this lecture, we will give these worried hunters a special report on Swords.

Many people feel that Swords are simple weapons for weak beginners, but the truth is that they are weapons with immense depth. Sure, it is true that a single hit is relatively minor, and that it is possible to be knocked out of one's Guard; however, Swords make up for this with a plethora of special characteristics and attributes.

The interval between Sword attacks is very small, so combination attacks suit this weapon well. Moreover, Swords are graced with the ability to quickly shift from attacking to defending and evasion. This is an excellent feature to have when facing large groups of monsters, or especially nimble ones like the Velociprey.

When facing the toughest class of wyverns, you can see a Sword's true worth by using its attributes. Weapons capable of afflicting a monster with special ailments in a rapid number of hits are quick to show their effectiveness. Swords fit this bill nicely!

Moreover, a Sword is an incredibly easy to use weapon, thus enabling various special abilities. For instance, you can use items while Guarding. Use this great ability to recover your Health, set a trap, use a Whetstone, etc. During a battle, there are times you have to Guard, so make the most of these moments!

The Sword can also execute a Rising Slash attack. Sometimes the short reach of a Sword will leave you less than satisfied when facing a large monster. That's where the Rising Slash comes in. With it, you can reach up higher and attack the weak points of a monster. You can also execute this attack from a Guard stance.

Another one of the benefits of a Sword is the fact that they do not require a vast quantity of materials to create or improve. The prices they command are also less than comparable weapons in other classes, and Swords can be improved into powerful Dual Blades.

Large numbers, an abundance of attributes, and easy to acquire. These are all the strengths of a Sword. You, too, should give a Sword a try today!

[edit] Great Swords

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[edit] Hammer

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[edit] Lance / Lances

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[edit] Dual Blades

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[edit] Longsword

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[edit] Gunlance

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[edit] Hunting Horn

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[edit] Hunting Horn Sheet Music

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