The Tower is an ancient monolith, a testament to a lost civilization. It's purposes are unknown, but now it is in ruins, and powerful monsters inhabit the area. Many Elder Dragons and Wyverns inhabit the top of the Tower, a refuge from the brutal world of Monster Hunter.

[edit] Tower Trivia

The Tower is unique in that any time you fall in battle there, you are said to 'temporarily retreat'. This places your Hunter in a room adjacent to the main battle area, and prevents the need to climb the long path to the top of the Tower. However, this does mean that use of a Farcaster is the most practical way of retreating to your campsite and supply box!

There are two varients of the Tower zone, with the Yamatsukami appearing in a raised area that is not found against any other enemy.

The Tower is also the scene of the famous 'White Fatalis' battle, and includes a raised perch that it utilises when performing it's signature attack.

[edit] Monsters of The Tower

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