Tranquilizers are items used to capture and subdue a monster that is sufficiently weakened and caught in either Shock Traps or Pitfall traps.

Tranquilizers come in three different forms, and there is usually a variety to suit the way you play. The items you can use to Tranquilize a monster are:

  • Tranquilizer (Required to make any of the other items listed) = Sleep Herb + Parashroom.
  • Tranq Throwing Knife (can only be made during a quest, as Knives are account items) = Tranquilizer + Throwing Knife.
  • Tranq Bomb = Tranquilizer + Bomb Material.
  • Tranq Shot = Tranquilizer + Small Bone Husk.

[edit] Tranquilizing Skills

There are two major armor skills available to increase your ability to, and reward for, Tranquilizing monsters. They are:

  • Tranquilizing Guru - Your target will flash on the map when weak enough to be captured. (This requires a Paintball or the Autotracker skill)
  • Tranquilizing Whiz - Increases the amount of items you get as a reward for capturing monsters.

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