Treasure Hunting

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[edit] Treasure Hunting

In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite you can take a break from the stress of hunting, and visit Treshi for a spot of treasure hunting!

You can search alone or with a friend, and collect items in a bid to get a high score.

There are seven areas to search, each with five ultra-rare bits of loot to find.

If you want a pretty and complete treasure page in your Guild Card, you have to find all 35 bits of rare treasure and obtain a Gold Crown score in each area! It sounds like hard work, but is actually quite good fun when you get into it.

[edit] Areas And Rare Treasures

Rarity 6 items - Blangonga Apple and Pokke Quartz. Rarity 7 items - Pokke Snowman and Elder Dragon Tears. Rarity 8 item - Giadrome Jewel.

Rarity 6 items - Angler Snapper and Cleopatris. Rarity 7 items - Felyne Crown and Lao-Shan Melon. Rarity 8 item - Kut-Ku Jewel.

Rarity 6 items - Monoblos Rose and Sekumaeya Pearl. Rarity 7 items - Golden Felyne Jewel Sword and Elder Dragon Fossil. Rarity 8 item - Daimyo Jewel.

Rarity 6 items - Glitter Capshroom and Ghostly Cicada. Rarity 7 items - Dynasty Vase and Gypceros Crystal. Rarity 8 item - Congalal Jewel.

Rarity 6 items - Goldendrome and Minegarde Night. Rarity 7 items - Mysterious Mask and Rathian Jewel. Rarity 8 item - Rathalos Jewel.

Rarity 6 items - Basarios Peach and Athena Beetle. Rarity 7 items - Elder Dragon Reference and Teostra Meteor. Rarity 8 item - Gravios Jewel.

Rarity 6 items -Brilliant Aji and Hornfly Princess. Rarity 7 items -Ancient Cat King Statue and Thousand Year Forest. Rarity 8 item - Garuga Jewel.

[edit] Note

Every item listed as the first rarity 7 treasure is a combination item!

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