Fan Art of Trenya

Trenya is a brave Felyne adventurer who can be found next to his little boat at Pokke Farm. You can sponsor Trenya on his adventures with Pokke Points, and in return he will give you a share of the items he finds on his travels!!

You can send Trenya to 7 locations, each providing different types of reward. They are:

It should be noted that Great Forest is only available in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite.

The quality and rarity of the items you get back depends on how many points you invest. You can invest 200, 300, 500, 1000, or 1500 points for every trip.

  • Many annoying to obtain items, such as Meat, Flashbugs and Ice Crystals can be easily accumulated by sending Trenya on low point trips.
  • Rare Ores and Monster Items can be obtained by using the high point trips, with some of the received items being pretty valuable.
  • The number of items that Trenya brings you is random; sometimes his Boat is shining with goodies, and other times it is nearly empty.

There is a shiny award that resembles Trenya's Flag to be unlocked for your Guild Card when you sponsor Trenya 100 times for 1500points (yes, that's a lot of points!).

Trenya is also the only way to make certain items, such as the Dragonhead Harp Bow and Death Stench armour.

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