The Fronzen Tundra of MH3 (Moga Region)

The Tundra is a new area featured exclusively in Monster Hunter 3. It is covered in heavy snow and is basically an ice berg. There are caves as well as frozen waterfalls within the area.

A series of frozen of rivers and lakes cover a majority of the map. One section is available only through fighting and weakening Deviljho, causing him to smash through a barrier of fallen trees and into his nest. The Deviljho is called away from this territory by the scent of Aptonoth and false breeding calls from Qurupeco.

[edit] Monsters

Monsters that can be fought here include:

[edit] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The Moga Snowy Mountains make a return in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and appears to have no significant changes as of yet.

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