Ukanlos Stone

Ukanlos Stones are a very rare and hard to obtain item, and are the equivalent of a Ukanlos Heavenly Scale. Despite being a very rare item, it is possible to obtain multiple Stones from a single kill, but as with everything in the game, it is purely down to luck. Although found most frequently in rewards, there is a very small chance of carving Stones from a dead Ukanlos. It is also suggested that by breaking all the parts of an Ukanlos (Backfin,Shoveljaw,Chestplate) you will increase your chances of getting at least one Stone in rewards.

[edit] What Ukanlos Stones Do

There are many uses for Ukanlos Stones, which can be a bit of a problem considering how difficult to obtain they are. The following armors and weapons require one Stone each unless stated:

  • Armor
    • Dark Ukanlos Mask
    • Dark Ukanlos Fangs
    • Dark Ukanlos Aegis
    • Dark Ukanlos Plate
    • Dark Ukanlos Claw
    • Dark Ukanlos Gauntlet
    • Dark Ukanlos Cincture
    • Dark Ukanlos Sash
    • Dark Ukanlos Hessian
    • Dark Ukanlos Boots
  • Weapons
    • Absolute Bow (2)
    • Akantor Broadsword+
    • Akantor Broadsword S
    • Akantor Shadow Claws
    • Akantor Dark Melody
    • Akantor Noir Gunlance
    • Akantor Chaos Bow
    • Ukanlos Destructor
    • Ukanlos Slicer
    • Ukanlos Soul Hatchet
    • Ukanlos Ruiner Blades
    • Ukanlos Trampler
    • Ukanlos Horned Flute
    • Ukanlos Calamity
    • Ukanlos Blaze Gunlance
    • Ukanlos Flame Bow
    • Ukanlos Cannon
    • Ukanlos Bow

In total, that means you need a rather large quantity of 29 Stones if you want to make every available item involving them. So, despite their incredible monetary value (25000z!), it is advised that you keep hold of your Stones if you are lucky enough to obtain any!

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