The blue pack leader of Velocipreys
Monster TypeBird Wyvern
HabitatsForest and Hills
First AppearanceMonster Hunter

"The alpha monster that leads a Velociprey pack. They are larger and have a more prominent crest. Highly territorial, but will retreat to a safe place when injured to recover."


[edit] Profile

Often referred to as the boss Velociprey, the Velocidrome is a creature that takes the appearance of its underlinds but is slightly bigger, stronger but its attacks aren't different. The Velocidrome isn't the hardest of monsters to find. In Monster Hunter Freedom it is the first boss you will be prompted to fight by the Village Elder and it also makes an appearance in the two star village quests in Monster Hunter Freedom 2. There are mainly two different features the Velocidrome has from the Velociprey: it's larger fin and longer claws. Velociprey can turn up just about anywhere but they are mainly spotted in the Forrest and Hills areas.

[edit] How to kill

If it's your first or second time fighting the Velocidrome then you might find it hard. You will need a weapon of moderate attack speed and high maneuvering speed. The Velocidrome is a fast runner and will also leap around at you, that's why speed is the key to success. The weapon I would most strongly advise would be the Sword and Shield but over fast weapons such as the dual daggers or the bow will suffice. If you're not into speed, I suggest you use a blocking weapon with which it is easy to move when wielding. The Velocidrome has a few ways of attacking hunters, the first being using its claws to scratch away at you; this is probably its weakest attack. Next is the bite with deals moderate damage. Lastly it has its jump which will also deal moderate damage but will knock the hunter to the ground if hits. Make sure you bring a few spare health items (2 to 4 potions will be fine). It's a fairly easy battle, just keep delivering quick combos and dodge its attacks and very soon it will die.

[edit] Carves (Not Completed)

Velocidrome Hide

Velocidrome claw

Velocidrome head (Rare)

Velociprey Hide

Velociprey fang

Small Monster Bone

Velocidrome crest(EXTREMELY RARE)

[edit] Guides

Velocidrome Guides

<tagimport tag="velocidrome" /> Velocidrome crest(EXTREMELY RARE)

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