Weapons, and How to Use Them (MHF2)


MHF2 Weapons, and how to use them.

-Guide created by Dark Dom

Welcome to the guide on how to use various weapons on this game. I'll be showing you different strategies on each weapon to use on which monsters, attack combos, hints, tips and various other things that will come in handy to you on the battlefield.


  • Sword & Shield
  • Dual Swords
  • Great Sword
  • Long Sword
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Bow
  • Bowguns

Sword & Shield

The SNS is small, but don't underestimate it. Equipped with a shield this little devil gives you the power to run into combat, let off a combo, and roll out before the Monster has a chance to react. The shield is small, but can block most attacks, which comes in handy when a monster roars, allowing you to take this opportunity to attack.

The Short Sword is... well... short, therefore it makes it harder to chop off tails that are higher up, nor will you have the same kind of reach as a Great Sword, or Long Sword.

SNS are usually the main weapons to be coated in a "Special Attack" such as Poison, Sleep, or Para, because they attack so fast and inflict these disorders quickly.

SNS are given low attack, because they attack so often, yet usually they reach a High Sharpness level. The High Sharpness is due to the SNS bouncing off Monsters. If you bounce off you'll be flung backwards, leaving you open to an attack. It is recommended that you arm yourself with as many Whetstones as you can to be safe.


Triangle = Diagonal Slash Circle = Swipe Triangle + Circle = Jump Slash R = Block R + Square = Use Item with Sword out. X = Roll X then Triangle = Upper Slash


/\ /\ /\ = Three-hit combo. Last hit is not recommended, while it may be powerful, it takes too long to pull off, leaving you open to attack.

/\ /\ O = Probably your most used combo. Final hit (O) is the most powerful SNS attack.

X /\ /\ = Roll then upper slash into a combo.

R /\ /\ = Block then upper slash into a combo.

/\+O /\ /\ = Jump slash into a combo.

Draw - When you draw your weapon while running, you will do a Jump slash as if you pressed /\+O[/size]

Dual Swords-

Dual Swords are even faster than the SNS. By taking away your shield and giving you and extra Short Sword, you take away your only means of defence, but gain a new level of attack!

DS have the same reach as the SNS, barely any. You'll have to be up close and personal with the monster if you want to inflict some damage.

DS have a new ability added to them. Similar to Long Swords, you can glow red and become more powerful, but the DS version is called "Demonization", and rather than using a separate gauge, it saps away at your stamina. While you are Demonized, you glow red and gain new, faster combos, and your attack strength increases greatly.[/size]


Triangle = Diagonal Slash Circle = Spin Triangle + Circle = Slashing forward, moving two steps forward R = Demonize X = Roll X then Triangle = Upper Slash


/\ /\ /\ = Three-hit combo. Does a bunch of fancy movements.

/\ /\ O = Two-hits, then a spin.

/\+O /\ = Slash forward, then uppercut into a combo.

/\ /\ O = Combo into a spin. You jump up, so you get higher than usual.[/size]

Demon Combos-

/\ /\ /\ = Three-hit combo. Does a bunch of fancy movements.

/\ /\ O = Two-hits, then a spin.

/\+O = Ultra-Combo. When you initiate this, your stamina will begin decreasing and you won't be able to stop until it's either finished or you run out of stamina. It takes approx. 50 stamina away from your bar.

O O = A single spin, but you go into the Ultra-Combo automatically after it.

Draw - When you draw your weapon while running, you will do a slash forward as if you pressed /\+O

Great Sword

The Great Sword is a Giant Sword approx. the size of your character. It's powerful, the highest attack weapons in the game, but due to the gigantic attack, they're slow and don't offer any combos besides swinging back and forth.

An addition to this game is the /\ charge attack. They've taken the most powerful attack of the three, and given it the ability to be charged up.

Due to the slowness of it's nature, you'll have to practise to get the timing right and rolling will become a big part of your GS life.

The GS has a feature called "The Sweet Spot". If you hit a monster with the tip or hilt of the Blade, it won't do much damage. If you hit the Monster with the "Sweet Spot", which is about around the middle of the blade you'll do a large amount of damage. Getting the timing right is all part of becoming a GS Master!


/\ = Slam Down. Hold this button down to charge it up. It'll blink twice, then automatically let go for you. Strongest of the three.

O = Swing your Sword on a horizontal angle. Quickest of the three.

/\+O = Swing your Sword upwards, and over your shoulder. It gets stuck in the ground behind you so it's the slowest of the three, but it's perfect for hitting monsters behind you.

Draw - When you draw your weapon while running, you will do a downward slam as if you pressed /\

Long Sword

A new addition to MHF2, taken from the idea that swords such as the Iron Katana should be faster due to the fact that they're thinner than their GS counter-parts.

Long Swords, known as "Katanas" to most of the community, have a slightly longer reach than Great Swords, so they're better for hit and run tactics such as the SNS.

Just like the GS, the Long Sword also has a Sweet Spot. If you hit a monster with the tip or hilt of the Blade, it won't do much damage. If you hit the Monster with the Sweet Spot, which is around the middle of the Blade you'll do a large amount of damage. Understanding the proper striking range will take practice and patience!

Because you can now run with these out, you have many more combos available to you. A new feature added is a Spirit Gauge. the Spirit Gauge slowly fills up as you hit monsters. When it's full, it'll start flashing and you'll be given a temporary attack boost. When you attack, your sword will leave a red trail behind. While your Gauge is flashing, you can let off a Spirit Combo, for massive damage!


/\ = Downward Slam

O = Stab.

/\+O = Swipe and step backwards. Handy for avoiding close-range attacks from monsters.

R = Swipe when normal. When Spirit Gauge is filled up, Sword flashes red on every hit of R and does a swing. If Gauge is filled up adequately, you can mash R to let of a Spirit Combo.


O /\ - Stab, then a flick upwards.

O /\ /\ - The infinate combo. If you keep repeating circle, triangle, triangle, it goes on forever (until you're interrupted =P)

/\ /\ R /\+O - Slam, slam, slash right, slash left while stepping backwards. A general combo you'll use.

Draw - When you draw your weapon while running, you will do a downward slam as if you pressed /\

You'll generally finish all combos with a /\+O. It's safer that way.

/\ R /\ R /\ R /\+O


The Hammer is a big meaty club that take some experience to use. Because of the way you hold it, you'll be able to run with it out.

The Hammer is usually blunter than a sword, therefore you'll be sharpening more often (what are you sharpening on a hammer? =O). Because the Hammer is big, it's not as hard to miss. It also means you cannot cut off tails, but will have an easier time breaking parts off. (It's especially useful using it to break the shell of the crabs!)


/\ = Slam Down.

O = Quick Hit.

R = Hold the Hammer behind you, and charge up. Charging up slowly drains away at your stamina. At 1-3 seconds it's just a swing. At 3 seconds it's a double hit. When it flashes, if you let go while standing still you do a Ground-Pound. An Uber-Slam Down. If you let go while running you'll spin like a spinning top. Once again, if you press /\ at 3 seconds while spinning you'll swing upwards in a "home-run!" sort of motion. If you hit triangle any time before that you'll simply swipe forward.

Hunting Horn

The Hunting Horn, a new weapon to MHF is truly unique. Like the hammer you have a big blunt object used for smashing, but now with a twist! The Hunting Horn provides support for you team by playing musical notes, and can also effectively be used as a proper weapon.


/\ - Swing. Swings the HH in front of you. (Recital Mode: This is the 2nd note on your HH's Equipment Details)

O - Jab. A close-range jab that you can do three times in a row. (Recital Mode: This is the White/purple Note)

/\+O - Ground Pound. Similar to the hammer, but you don't charge it therefore it's not quite as powerful. (Recital Mode: This is the 3rd note on your HH's Equipment Details)

R - Puts you in to Recital Mode.


White - W

Purple - P

Dark Blue Db

Light Blue - Lb

Red - R

Yellow - Y

Green - G

Psychic Vision: Db Db Lb

Atk Up [lo]: W R

Atk Up [hi]: P R R

Def Up [lo]: R Y

Def Up [hi]: R G R or R Lb Lb P

Health inc [lo]: R B W

Health inc [mid]: R R Lb

Health inc [hi]: R Db R P

Wind Reduce: B B R

Wind Cancel: B B G or B Lb B

Wind All Cancel: Db Db Y P

Marathon [lo]: W Db

Marathon [hi]: P Db Db

Health Rec [lo]: P G

Health Rec [mid]: G P Y

Health Rec [hi]: G G P Lb

Health Rec [lo] & Antidote: W G

Health Rec [mid] & Antidote: G Db P Db

Health Rec [mid] & Deodarant: G W Lb

Rec Speed Up [lo]: G G Y

Rec Speed Up [hi]: G R G P

Heavenly Protection: G Y P Y

Earplug [lo]: Lb Lb R

Earplug [hi]: Lb Lb G P

No Cold + Snow Res: Lb Lb Y

No Heat: Lb G Lb

No Faint: Lb Db P

No Paralysis: Lb Y Y

No Quake: Lb Y Lb

Ele Atk Up: Y Db Y W

Fire Res Up [lo] Y R

Fire Res Up [hi] Y Db W

Water Res Up [lo]Y Db P

Water Res Up [hi]: Y Db Db W

Thunder Res Up [lo]: Y Lb P

Thunder Res Up [hi]: Y Y Db

Ice Res Up [lo]: Y W Lb or Y G W

Ice Res Up [hi]: Y P Lb or Y G P

Dragon Res Up [lo]: W Y

Dragon Res Up [hi]: P Y Y


The Lance is another weapon which takes great skill to use, not to mention a HUGE amount of patience. It does more damage over time, than any other weapon. They have a medium-level of attack power and with these you cannnot afford to go crazy with it.

The Lance is equipped with a big shield so you'll be using that a lot. The good news? You can walk with the shield in front of you, providing a good amount of defence. You can even attack with your shield out, just make sure you stop attacking when the monster attacks you. Every attack you do will leave you open!

The Lance is chunky and slow, therefore you can't run with it out, you walk.

Since I'm not a Lance-user at all, you'll have to bare with me as I buy a crappy Iron Lance, and go to the Jungle to test it out.


/\ - Jab forward

O - Jab Upwards

/\+O - Dash forward, hitting anything in your way. If you hit a wall, or bounce off a Monster, it'll interrupt your charge. The Charge slowly drains your stamina.

Draw - When you draw your weapon while running, you will do a jab forward as if you pressed /\

R - Guard. You can move while guarding. You move a bit slower while you do this, but it leaves you safe from the front.

X - Hop backwards.

You can only do three hits in a row before you need to break.


The Gunlance is another weapon new to Monster Hunter. It takes the long reaching stab power of the Lance, and adds the firepower of a bowgun.

The Gunlance is a weapon that takes time to master. While wielding it, you become slow and walk. You cannot even roll, therefore you need to master the timing of blocking. Once again, the shield is big enough to block most attacks, and you can walk while shielding, so you'll feel safe enough.

The shooting attack of the Gunlance is always [u]fire attribute[/u], so don't bother using a Gunlance against something that resists fire. The shooting attack is very short range as well, but it's perfect in combos!

The Gunlance is even less manoeuvrable than the Lance, seeing as you can't charge. It is more powerful however. Due to it's large attack, it becomes blunt quickly so bring lots of Whetstones =)

A fantastic attack? The Wyverns Fire! Can only be used approx. every five minutes, but lets lose a giant wave of fire that can knock down a Khezu in one hit! =0[/size]


R(hold)+O = Reload

O = Shoot

/\ = Jab

/\ when moving = Up Jab

R(hold)+/\ = Up Jab

R+O+/\ = Wyverns Fire

X = Hop Backwards

X+left or right (after an attack) = Hop to the side

/\+O = Vertical Jab

Vertical Jab+O = Vertical Shoot[/size]


The Bow is a perfect weapon for mid-long range combat. The closer you are, the more damage you do, yet it gives you the option to attack from afar to stay out of danger.

Unlike the Bowguns, you have unlimited arrows. You never have to reload. But you do get "Coatings" which lets you add status effects, or power up your shots.

There are three different kinds of shots. Rapid: Fires a burst of arrows in a concentrated shot. Pierce: Fires a single arrow that goes all the way through a monster. Scatter: Fires a burst of arrows in a large radius.

You can also charge up your shots to raise them to different levels, and you can do a two-hit combo at close range. This is a blade attack, so you can cut off tails.


R = Aim

/\ (hold down to charge) = Fire

X (standing still) = Hop backwards

X (moving) = Roll

O = Melee attack

O O = Double melee attack

/\+O = Use coating


Light Bowgun:

The light Bowgun is a small weapon that allows you to run around freely, though you still need to stand still to shoot.

Guns use shots, which are limited but you can make them =D Various shots do various things, so you have a big choice!

New to MHF2 is the feature to use Rapid Fire. With certain shots, your gun will fire 6 shots, yet use up one shot. Very handy, but you're left wide open while you do this.

Heavy Bowgun:

The Heavy Bowgun is a large slow gun with heaps of power compared to the L Bowgun.

It's slow, so you'll be walking when you have it out, and it takes a while to take it out and put it away.

A new ability for MHF2 is the ability to block. H Bowguns have a shield attached so if you aren't doing anything, and you're facing the direction the attack is coming form, you'll take a little amount of damage, but still be safe.


/\ = Shoot

R = Aim (with attachment)

/\+O = Melee attack

O = Reload

X = Roll

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