White Fatalis

White Fatalis, also known as Miraboreasu Shiro, atop the ancient tower.

White Fatalis is the one of the few monsters in Monster Hunter Freedom 2 that can be fought only by first downloading the quest and accessing it through the guild hall. He is downloadable at any hunter rank, but can only be fought at hunter rank 6, whether you initiate the quest or you join a quest matters not, you must be HR6 to participate in the mission.

  • In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, there are both HR6 and HR9 Guild Hall quests involving White Fatalis. These are 'proper' quests that are unlocked by fulfilling set prerequisites, not downloads.

[edit] The Ancestor

Quest Name - Ancestral Dragon

Quest Difficulty - ******** (8 star)

Client - Scarlet Mystery Man

Quest Description - He he he ... The time is come. Here is your invitation to the ball. Wear your sunday best and bring your greatest weapon, for it is time to go to the dance with the king of disaster.

Contract Fee - 3000z

Reward Money - 36000z

Quest Length - 50:00 Minutes

Quest Location - The Tower

[edit] Tips

  • White Fatalis is incredibly weak to Dragon element, and it is possible to break every part of it in one round.
  • When it enters 'permanent armour' mode, White Fatalis takes minimal damage from standard attacks. A popular tactic is to spam Bombs or Cluster shots, as they do a set amount of damage.

[edit] Guides

White Fatalis Guides

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