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The first real wyverns you guys will ever face, an unforgettable fight. If not that hard.


[edit] Description

The Yian Kut Ku is a small, avian wyvern. It is notable for it's pink shell and large ears which splay open when angered. Kut-Kus are encountered fairly early on in the game(s) and are often the first wyvern that hunters will face. The Yian Kut Ku is native to the Swamp, Jungle, and Forest & Hills zones. Often it is the monster that causes people to switch weapons to a longer reaching one, as the standard beginning Sword and Shield is to short for new people to reach the vulnerable places. I would recommend trying out the Great Sword, Long Sword, Gunlance, Lance or any ranged weapon if swords are finding to have too little "ooumph" upon the Kut-Ku's legs.

Both sonic bombs and flash bangs are effective versus the Kut-Ku, however, sonic bombs do not function if it is in rage mode.

[edit] Intro Info

Name of earliest quest: Jungle Menace

HP:640, for 2*. (thanks to furnaps from neoseeker forums for providing the hp)

Reward: 1500z

Contract: 250z

Star Level: 2

Number of carves: 3

Breakables: Ears (Will appear torn when broken; the ears lay flat against skull when near death)

Rage Mode: Puffs of smoke will come out of the Kut-Ku's beak, and it will attack and move faster.

Weaknesses: Ice, Water, Sonic, Flash, (Sonic Bombs, Small Bombs, and Crag S drop either Wyvern Tears (account item), Kut-Ku Ear, or Kut-Ku Scale).

Number of times it locks on between attacks: 2

[edit] Weapon Recommendations

Earliest Recommended Weapon(s) for (2) star hunters Giaprey claws, Dual Swords, 98 Damage, 140 ice Sharpness: rrooyy

Giaprey claws+, Dual Swords, 120Damage(needs correction), 240 ice Sharpness: royg

The idea about these is that with Giaprey Claws+, it takes only around 7-10 Devilish Dances (Triangle + Circle while demonizing) to get it limping, and 2-3 more to kill it. It is also easy to get 1-2 Devilish Dances per attack at Kut-Ku before it start moving or attacks.

[edit] Monster Attacks

Evade level refers to how hard it is to dodge the attack., danger level refers to how dangerous the attack is

Charge: Damage Medium

Range: Infinite, ends attack once it passes or hits you, with a spectacular stumble.

 Note: shoots fire balls to the left and right while charging.  A perfect time to get out of the way, then sharpen sword, reload, drink your health potion etc.
 Danger Level: Low
 Evade Level: Medium. The further away you are, the more difficult it is to dodge.

Double Peck: Damage Low-Medium

Range: 25ft

 Note: May use twice in rapid succession, it is considered the expected dash attack when you are Medium Range. Considered a "shield breaker" as one can see how if a hunter is hit with four strikes in rapid succession, it would eat up stamina. Consider Guard+ if this move is a problem for you, especially with when using a Sword and Shield.
 Danger Level: Medium
 Evade Level: med

Fireballs: Damage Medium

Range:10ft, 20ft

 Note: shoots two fireballs, then another two fireballs in a seemly random pattern. Fires four fireballs in total. Likely to completely miss you. Give you about enough time to drink a potion, and definitely enough time if it is facing away from you.
 Danger: Low
 Evade: Low

Tail Whip: Damage Med-High


 Note: its most troublesome attack for Blademasters, it turns around 180 degrees while whipping its tail around. It is very difficult to avoid. Attempt rolling between legs or blocking.
 Danger: Med-High
 Evade: Medium

Bite: Damage Low

Range: 3ft

 Note: Bites you towards the side. May miss completely. Go ahead and go for a good smack on the face right after it's done, just be sure to roll to the side afterwards.
 Danger: Low
 Evade: Lowest.

[edit] Extra Info

  • When you are far, far away from it, it may fly at you. Don't expect it to hit you, but be careful anyways.
  • Demonize whenever you can.
  • Aim especially for the head. Beside the anus (I'm not joking) it is has the highest damage rate.
  • Don't be particularly afraid of the fireballs, they are hard to be hit by.
  • GS users, wait for your chance or else the tail whip will get you.
  • Sonic Bombs, Crag S, Flash Bombs, and Small Bombs all work to stun the Kut-Ku.

[edit] Monster Drops

For 2* and up
  • Screamer
  • Medium bone
  • Small bone husk
  • Kut-Ku Scale
  • Kut-Ku Shell
  • Flame Sac
  • Kut-Ku ear(rarest item)
  • Giant Beak(rarest item)
For High rank and up
  • Monster Bone+
  • Kut-ku Scale+
  • Kut-ku Carapace
  • Inferno Sac
  • Long Kut-ku Ear (Rarest Item)
  • Magnificent Beak (Rarest Item)

[edit] Credits

A thank you to FURNAPS for the monster hp!

[edit] Gunner Strategy

Hit the monster with paintball first but you could use paint S instead. If you have more time, use Clust Level 1,2, or 3. then when it goes to zone 4, climb up the cliff and position your self just up the second cliff where you can actually go through zone 4 but you're still on zone 5 where he can't attack you with his fire breathing attack. Pelt him now with your shots, especially Ice S & Water S. Poison is also good since it eats up its health points.

Another alternative is to shoot it with a Crag S shot, which has the same effect as a sonic bomb. Often, if you can flash-bomb the Kut-Ku, it provides a good opportunity to get in a couple of Normal S shots into it's vulnerable face, where the breakable ears are. Rapid is even better.

[edit] Great Sword

When I fight the Kut-Ku I usually wait for it to come to area 3. when I get to area 3 if you know where its going to land set a trap and wait for it to get stuck in the trap and then I paintball it. after that I go and hack and slash it until it get out of the trap then I use sonic and flash bombs to keep it from leaving the area. WARNING: using the sonic bombs will make it start raging. when this happens your best bet is to just dodge it.

If its your first time hunting a Kut-Ku I would try to have Bone Armor upgraded to level 5-6 and a sword with a decent amount of green sharpness and a high attack like a Golem Blade or a Golem Blade+. also I would take 10 potions, 10 mega potions, 10 herbs, 10 blue mushrooms, and 10 honeys, also a book of combinations if you want.

Take the Greatsword and just swing it. It doesn't matter where, as long as it connects. And then roll, run, and block out of the way, as you have few options to deal with a counter-attack. In general, a good combo is to sonic bomb it, and then go in for a Triple-Charged sword slash. However, it'll be up to you to deal with the raged Kut-Ku that is produced later. Watch for the Tail Whip, and don't forget that rolling FORWARDS is a great way to dodge attacks, just make sure you are rolling past the Kut-Ku's attack, and not into it.

[edit] Dual Swords

There are multiple opportunities to attack with the Devilish Dance(Triangle + Circle + Demonization), particularly at the base of the wing joint, and the head. It is super effective, to the point that a pair or Giaprey Claws will defeat the the Kut-ku in twenty minutes. Just keep a full stash of whetstones, and patiently perform Devilish Dance after Devilish Dance, and it shall soon fall.

[edit] Long Sword

Patience is the name of the game here. If you're new, I suggest bringing along max amount of potions, plus the first aid kits you'll get from the supply. Just be ready to fight unsheathe style upon the Kut-Ku's vulnerable face to rack up the most damage, while always be ready to roll to the side immediately afterwards with a quick (X) + (->) to avoid getting stomped. work on hitting, then avoiding damage, as these skills you develop will be key to tougher monster fights in the future. And although it's probably not GOOD habit, go nuts with your spirit attack. If your armor is up to par, the damage you take from being hit in a spirit attack is a good price for the damage you'll do with the spirit attack.

[edit] Lance

Balance your (X) dodge with your Guard ability. This is a perfect time to gain skills on how to balance and even out these two awesome abilities. Don't be afraid to strike it with either a upwards or a straight attack, but be sure to use the Kut-Ku as important defensive practice for the future. Try to aim for the head with your upwards poke, and go for destroying the ears. Just keep stable, and the camera on the Kut-Ku, and soon you'll be breezing through them with nary a damage.

(Note: there are some attacks you should block, and some you shouldn't. In general, an evade is tactically better, but a block is safer, and more feasible. Especially when new people, learn how to block the Kut-Ku's capricious attacks before learning how to dance around it.)

[edit] Gunlance

Since the gunlance has even slower attacks than the lance, dodging is even more essential. I would definitely not recommend using your shells; if you do, use it sparingly. They are not usable when crouched behind a shield and so leave you extremely vulnerable to attack. Balance out stab motions with wyvern's fire, and the beast should go down fairly quickly. This is not an easy fight, but once again, excellent practice for the future.

Once again, don't forget to save your wyvern's fire when it is limping; there is little more satisfying or more effective than using wyvern's fire upon a sleeping kut-ku.

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