Yukumo Village

The village in cherry blossoms, Yukumo

Yukumo Village is a settlement that is located near the mountains. It is going to be the main location in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. It features many different hunting stalls available to the hunter, as well as having the main Guild Hall located just above a small hill.

Unlike previous titles, the Village Chief is a woman who appears to be middle-aged as opposed to an old wyverian. The town does have a returning character however, the blacksmith from Monster Hunter 3 makes a comeback, or at least the same character model is used.

Yukumo also features a hot spring which is said to replace the function of the felyne kitchen, spending time will improve your character's condition, making them stronger in some way or adding more stamina and health.

The gathering hall is also seen to be opened out, allowing the player to seemlessly walk in and out without a loading screen. It is also through this area that the player initiates every quest.

[edit] Official Description

This is an automatically translated excerpt from the official Monster Hunter Portable 3rd website, describing the Yukumo Vilage.

Mountain (Ai Yama) flourished around the village in the valley of hot springs sprung. Less flat, the building are lined along both sides of the valley.

The largest building is the center of the village, located on the rear assembly bath. Astrophysicists an outdoor meeting place and the guild is a large bathing facilities. There is also accommodation in and around the upstairs annex of the most useful I have been offered to hunters in the village. Side street in the center of the village, there is a general store and blacksmith shop.

In addition to the spa industry with a focus in the active forestry, which is exported to neighboring cities caught in the high-quality timber surrounding mountains.

Traditionally, a side dish a hunter in the village had been secured around the village hunters came to the spa. However, now a frequent occurrence around large monster recently decided to request the dispatch of the Hunter Guild.

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